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Guess what numb nuts... if you don't like being stuck outside, tied to a pole, in not much more than a fall jacket overnight when it's -10, your dog won't like it either.

I'm tempted to spit in an envelope and send it to them.


The latest in a string of abused animals has been rescued from Summerhill Nursery. A terrified young dog was found frozen to the ground Humane Society workers on Jan. 24. "Hope", a female German shepherd, had been barking in pain for an entire weekend by the time workers rescued her. She was found in critical condition, chained to a pipe and frozen to the ground.

Caroline Garand was working next door to the nursery when she heard their guard dog yelping. She couldn't see the dog, so phoned the number provided by a sign on the fence. A guard dog company, Leader of the Pack, answered the phone and said that they did not provide the nursery with the animal. They had sold the facility the sign warning of a guard dog on the premises a decade ago but had had no other contact. They also mentioned that they had been receiving calls about this particular dog all weekend.

Animal control was called in next. They gave instructions to call the Toronto Humane Society, which Garand did. Agents from the Humane Society arrived on the scene six hours later and informed her that this was not the first time they had been called to Summerhill nursery under these circumstances. The same agent had previously removed a 14 year old female dog.

Summerhill Nursery and Floral is located at 301 MacPherson Avenue , Toronto. Their phone number is (416) 922-6902. We would urge all concerned parties to boycott this business until they are held responsible for neglect and endangering the life of an innocent animal. "Hope" is currently in treatment at the Toronto Humane Society, where she will be placed for adoption when she is in stable condition. She was lucky. Summerhill Nursery's next dog may not be.

This is "Hope", 2 days after the rescue:
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