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Monica's Journal
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Date:2007-05-26 10:48
Subject:Surprise derby!

I have a semi-closed game today.

TECHNICALLY, its word of mouth only audience (Friends and Family mostly) because it's our first game and the whole league will be there skating... but whatever. It's the day of and I'm inviting you/reminding you.

The game is today at 4pm at George Bell Arena, 215 Ryding Ave.

Tickets are $5, and there's only a few available for rush seating so get there early. Doors will open at 3pm.

To get there:
Take the Bloor line to Runnymede, and then bus it north to St. Clair. Ryding is the street you barely pass to get off at St. Clair. Just walk to the end.

Or you could take the St. Clair streetcar across to the end (just past Keele) and walk down St. Clair until you reach Cobalt Ave, and turn right.

And if you can't make this one, no sweat. A full season schedule is posted to www.torontorollerderby.com

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Date:2007-03-06 23:07
Subject:Birthday Plans

I'm booking a table at Betty's (King and Sherbourne) for Saturday night to celebrate my birthday.

You are all welcome to join me. Reservation is set for 8pm.

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Date:2007-02-28 16:51

Guess what numb nuts... if you don't like being stuck outside, tied to a pole, in not much more than a fall jacket overnight when it's -10, your dog won't like it either.

I'm tempted to spit in an envelope and send it to them.


The latest in a string of abused animals has been rescued from Summerhill Nursery. A terrified young dog was found frozen to the ground Humane Society workers on Jan. 24. "Hope", a female German shepherd, had been barking in pain for an entire weekend by the time workers rescued her. She was found in critical condition, chained to a pipe and frozen to the ground.

Caroline Garand was working next door to the nursery when she heard their guard dog yelping. She couldn't see the dog, so phoned the number provided by a sign on the fence. A guard dog company, Leader of the Pack, answered the phone and said that they did not provide the nursery with the animal. They had sold the facility the sign warning of a guard dog on the premises a decade ago but had had no other contact. They also mentioned that they had been receiving calls about this particular dog all weekend.

Animal control was called in next. They gave instructions to call the Toronto Humane Society, which Garand did. Agents from the Humane Society arrived on the scene six hours later and informed her that this was not the first time they had been called to Summerhill nursery under these circumstances. The same agent had previously removed a 14 year old female dog.

Summerhill Nursery and Floral is located at 301 MacPherson Avenue , Toronto. Their phone number is (416) 922-6902. We would urge all concerned parties to boycott this business until they are held responsible for neglect and endangering the life of an innocent animal. "Hope" is currently in treatment at the Toronto Humane Society, where she will be placed for adoption when she is in stable condition. She was lucky. Summerhill Nursery's next dog may not be.

This is "Hope", 2 days after the rescue:


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Date:2007-02-26 01:04
Subject:Amish Friendship Bread

Does anyone remember this stuff from when you were young?

My mom would get a batch of starter every once in a while, and I just thought of it again this week. I made a starter batch yesterday that should be ready to pass around in about a week.

This batch will divide into 4 batches, but I'm happy to keep cranking out starters if the interest in such a thing is huge.

So, question is.. who wants a seriously amazing, but kinda scary bag of fermented yeast bread starter to make bread out of? It's super good, trust me... it just takes 10 days to "brew".

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Date:2007-02-23 11:35
Subject:Come to our party!

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Date:2007-02-19 15:34
Subject:For Sale

I took reading week (this week) off to not only give some of the students at work a few extra hours while they could get them, but also because I was WAY overdue for a vacation.

I've decided to spend a lot of time running errands and getting some closets sorted out before I start more classes and have even less time to myself. That said, I have a few items I plan to sell on ebay soon, so I'll be posting them here first to give ya'll first dibs. Most of it will be clothes, but for now this is what is upstairs already.

Go ahead, make me an offer:Collapse )

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Date:2007-02-13 17:48
Subject:For Panic

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything on the market that was so perfect a gift - it's right up there with the red monkey panic hairthings.

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Date:2007-01-28 21:20
Subject:No Time

This week has been pretty hard for me, not for any good reason other than every day has been filled up with something and my lack of downtime was pretty discouraging.

Monday night I was a hair model at Toni and Guy. They gave me a (fairly weird) haircut on Friday night and fixed up my color Monday in front of the staff for a technique demo. Anyone that saw me last weekend might have been a bit worried and kindly said nothing about it. Rest assured the color fixup took me away from the Heavy Metal Parking Lot look I was treading on. I'm blonde again, and its shorter than it's been in years, which is weird, but I like the change.

Tuesday I had a team meeting and practice at Steam Whistle. We're having a fundraiser for my team's uniforms/merch there March 25th, details to follow.

Wednesday I had class. We made italian pasta salad. I'll admit that I'm pretty bored with this class so far, but I'm really hoping that we get into more complicated dishes in the next few weeks. Someone I work with told me that the registration cut off for ConEd classes are often after the first two classes, so it's possible that they picked the two cheapy-ingredient, easy peasy recipes for the first two classes... so we'll see. The alternative is registering for a pro class which would require a chef coat, checks, more tools, and about $1K more in tuition so I think I'll stick it out for now.

Thursday was another skate practice in the not currently booked solid Steam Whistle roundhouse. The staff there is too cool for words for letting us skate there when nothing else is available. It really is too small to make a track, but we've been practicing strategy which seems to be going well.

Friday night was a derby board meeting. Back when we started I was acting as secretary/tresurer, so now that we finally have a board and elected board memebers filling those positions, I was able to pass these on to someone else. We also have a location booked for the summer, and a rough plan for practice and game dates... can't announce anything until we know for sure, but the first game is set for MAY. FINALLY!

Saturday night there were four different parties I had been invited to, and Panic... and despite my first reaction to just skip them all and stay home, I opted to get shit faced on wine at my derby sister's birthday party just a few blocks away.

Today, I've been home recouperating. Trev ordered enough pizza for us to eat all day, and that's what we've done. Now I just have to type minutes from both derby meetings tonight, crash, and do it all again next week.

I think maybe five nights of derby-related stuff a week is too much. I think 3 nights is about my limit. I'm also offically naming Sunday my hang out with Trev day... luckily he has the WoW expansion to keep him company while I'm running around like crazy. I miss him. I miss some of my pre-derby friends. I think this week is a bit more available, so fingers crossed I'll have some time for me in there too.

I took Reading Week off from work just to decompress. Two more of my classes start in March, and I figure having a week off at the end of February will help me get all the time consuming house stuff done so I can just focus on small stuff and school. Been thinking about driving down to Detroit Feb 23rd too...

Despite all this running around, I do feel like I'm moving forward in a couple different ways. Derby is good, school is good, work is manageable but I'm planning to be out of there before the end of the year, and my relationship is constantly surprising me... he should be so fed up with me by now, and isn't.

I feel lucky, and at the same time I feel like I worked very hard to get here. Whatever the case, I'm where I need to be right now, which is saying a lot.

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Date:2007-01-19 22:32
Subject:Recent Events

For those of you out of the know, I enrolled in a culinary course a few weeks ago.

George Brown College has a certificate program called Food in the Media. The compulsory classes are a basic Culinary course, Creative Plating, and Food Styling. From there I can choose 5 more electives such as food photography, food writing, design, and other cooking/baking classes that I choose.

I've mapped out my courses, and will be taking the first 4 this winter/spring. I'll have a few months off in July and August and then return to school to finish the program. I will have my certificate before the end of the year. I'm even taking classes that are outside of the program just for the sake of it... cheese apprecation is next month. I may convince Trev to take Marzipan scupture with me in June. I'm sure if I had a couple thousand to kick around, I'd probably enroll in a dozen more classes just for fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed college.

More than that, I'm just so happy to be finally doing what I say I'm going to do. I've been *talking* about being a stylist, I moved to Toronto to realize that dream in the first place, but I've put it off. I'm not sure if I was afraid to fail, or if I was just as afraid of succeeding... or maybe I just wasn't ready to move forward until the dust settled on my past.

Whatever the case, I'm moving forward, I'm making things happen, and I'm more focused than I have been in a long time. It's nice.

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Date:2007-01-19 17:12
Subject:Forgotten Journal

I've been away from livejournal for a long time. My "personal" got a bit too dramatic and so I walked away from the stupid and did other things with my time.

I originally started blogging to get my brain out on a page. I started this journal a year ago to get my creative juices going again. There is just so much going on with me these days that it's become impossible for me to keep up with updating everyone that gives a damn AND avoiding the sleeping beast that is lj. I don't have enough room in my phone book, and never enough time to write all those emails, so this will have to do. I suppose I am reluctant, because I have been burned before, but considering I'm not here to spill all my beans, I think I'm safe(r).

So, yeah, here I am. Take it or leave it. My aim it to write the kind of journal that I like to read, and I hope it's the kind that you like reading too.

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Date:2005-08-23 00:35

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I was sick all weekend. I decided to make myself a loose interpretation of Italian Wedding soup with extra lemon, fresh herbs, and a bulb of sliced garlic.. and I felt so much better just from the smells coming up as I made it, that while it was left on the burner to simmer, I went outside and styled a shot.

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Date:2005-05-31 12:20
Subject:Fall Table Setting

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I would like to personally thank Pier One for their open return policy.

This shot, and much of the images I made in college, would not have been possible without it.

Also, before it's mentioned - Damn them spoons!

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Date:2005-05-31 12:19

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-05-31 12:18

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And yes, I realize now that I actually know how to play backgammon that this board would probably never happen in real game play.

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Date:2005-05-31 12:18
Subject:Asian Soup bowls

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-05-31 11:56
Subject:Lemons into Lemonade

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This one is special to me because it was nearly lost, but became one of my favorite customer service stories.

I shot it on Velvia (E-6 chrome film) but it was accidentally processed as C-41. When I went to pick up my order, they explained the problem, and showed me to the back where their digital technition has scanned the negative and was adjusting the colour. We sat together for about an hour tweaking this, and nudging that until it looked as close to right as it was gonna get. Then they shot off a few 4x5 chromes from the digital file, processed them immeditaly, and a few hours later I had my project turned in on time.

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Date:2005-05-31 11:41
Subject:Autumn Pasta

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-05-31 11:39

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-05-31 11:38

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Date:2005-05-31 11:34

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ditto - Not an ad, just a bit of practice.

I saw a video once on a beer shoot and decided to try it. In the video, the assistant poured from a keg, the photographer shot it once, and then the beer was vaccuumed up and repoured for a perfect head.

I used one of those hand held milk frothers instead.

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