Monica (foopho) wrote,

Forgotten Journal

I've been away from livejournal for a long time. My "personal" got a bit too dramatic and so I walked away from the stupid and did other things with my time.

I originally started blogging to get my brain out on a page. I started this journal a year ago to get my creative juices going again. There is just so much going on with me these days that it's become impossible for me to keep up with updating everyone that gives a damn AND avoiding the sleeping beast that is lj. I don't have enough room in my phone book, and never enough time to write all those emails, so this will have to do. I suppose I am reluctant, because I have been burned before, but considering I'm not here to spill all my beans, I think I'm safe(r).

So, yeah, here I am. Take it or leave it. My aim it to write the kind of journal that I like to read, and I hope it's the kind that you like reading too.
Tags: reintro
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